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Peach Fronted Conure General Info
With their lovely, cute looks, and lively personality, the Peach Fronted conure is a loved breed of pet parrots. They are also one of the smaller conures, and their beauty has charmed many owners around the world. They are not as widespread as some other closely related breeds, but they are nonetheless a great companion parrot, thanks to their great traits and friendly, energetic nature. That’s why they are considered as one of the best representatives of the conure family of parrots.

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I have two male (DNA males ) conures for sale. They are hand fed and tame. These gentlemen are eating fruits veggies and Zupreme bird food.

Peach Fronted Conure has a green upper body, with a grey-green breast and lighter lime green coloring on the belly. The forehead and center of the crown are bright orange with blue on the sides of the crown surrounding the eyes. The rest of the head is green. The tail is green with blue tips, and the wings green with black tips.

Peach Fronted Conure
Scientific Name: Aratinga aurea
Common Name(s): Peach Front Conure
Origin: Brazil, south of the amazon and eastward to
Rio Madeira, eastern Bolivia, Mato Grosso, and Sao
Length: 9 – 10 inches
Wing Span: 7 inches

Weight: 100 – 110 grams

Body Color: The Peach-fronted conure has a grayishgreen back with a lighter green (olive) color on the

breast. The forehead and part of the crown are bright
orange. The rest of the crown is blue-green. There are black tips on the wings and blue tips on the

tail. The beak is black.

Life Span: 20 – 25 years

Wild: Seeds, berries, fruit, nuts, vegetation, bugs and larve.

Captive: Pellets, small amounts of seeds, fresh fruit and vegetables, treats.
Personality: Peach-fronted Conures need plenty of entertainment and interaction. These pet
birds are susceptible to feather picking and common psittacine diseases. Peach-fronted conures
can become very attached to their owners. These pet birds can also become good talkers. Peachfronted Conures can be noisy, although not nearly as noisy as most Aratinga species.
Sexing: DNA or endoscopy only.
Cage Size: Minimum 18 x 8 x 24 inches. Bar Spacing 1/2 to 3/4 inches.


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